You can start to make a fortune today

Some kind of a motivational article here, I’ll tell you why you can start to make a fortune today. The thought that simple people, like you or me, could make real amounts of money and become millionaires it’s hard to digest. That’s why, friends of mine, were telling me when I started investing that I stepped too far and I will lose my money. Some of them still believe that.

The events that are happening these days are giving everyone a chance of achieving financial freedom.

But this chance is only for those who understand that investments can bring huge profits, that otherwise are difficult to gain from other types of investments.

There is a lot of volatility in the crypto market, but that is also the reason this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When the market is quiet, stabilized, then no one gets rich. So our time is now. We are living the early stages of cryptocurrencies and some investors already made fortunes in a couple of years.

We have made a great step towards technology, where now you can pay any bill from your phone, see your family from thousands of miles away or you can start a business in just a few days. But in five to ten years we will think differently regarding the way that money works right now or how is our privacy protected. Everything will be different.

The fact that we can take part of something this big it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There was the age of petrol, the age of electricity, the age of internet… where those who adopted them became millionaires. Now is the early age of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we ca be a part of it. But there are many amateurs in this space who just do not have what it takes to be successful. Some ads from China, which banned ICOs (and then immediately return to accepting them), took the Bitcoin price from over $ 5000 to $ 2947 on September 15, 2017. A drop of more than 40% in the BTC price. Do you know what that means?

For an asset’s price to be at a certain level, someone needs to sell at that price. I was glad that people got scared and sold. They were willing to give me free money and I doubled my position in Bitcoin. Today I have more than 100% profit on that transaction.

I try to recognize and avoid fear and uncertainty. I know how to distinguish events that have a short-term impact on the market from those that really affect their trajectory, and we will use this to our advantage. Cryptocurrencies can have better performances than traditional assets. And they will continue to do it in the long run. And because they directly affect currency and commerce, earnings are faster. Also, volatility comes with a risk so you have to be careful and not sell at a loss.

From my research, big financial institutions are starting to prepare massive amounts of capital to enter the cryptocurrency market.

And your probably also read some news regarding that. During this period, many speculative funds are being formed to invest in this space. Some are at the stage of attracting investors and raising funds. Others have already closed the list of investors and prepared funds. All the money that will come in cryptocurrencies will increase the prices of those considered the best in the ecosystem. It’s simple. The offer is fixed, and the demand and rising capital flow towards cryptocurrency means higher prices.

It is essential to be fast

Cryptocurrency space is dynamic. Some say a day in crypto market is like a year on traditional stock market. Opportunities can be great if we move fast. Behavior of the masses can be influenced by all sorts of events that most do not know how to interpret them. Remember the ICO China ban. Investors have panicked. Some have sold their coins for cheap money on the basis of false rumors before an official announcement was released. But intelligent investors, those who truly understand this space have recognized irrational fear and increased their portfolios.

Another example is the fear of nuclear tests in North Korea. Which led to Bitcoin growth, because in some regions of the world, people saw it to be safer than national coins in such turbulent times. There are many examples of political situations that have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. But they influence investor behavior and lead to sharp increases or decreases in prices that we will know to profit. Now is the time to start building solid portfolios.

I try to guide you through this minty field of cryptocurrencies, to teach you how to evaluate them and how to invest in them and most important…. when to invest. Stay tuned.

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