What are the risks for not joining crypto trading today

When I started reading about crypto trading and potential investing in this, I had only these questions in my mind:

  • What coins to buy so I can get the best price?
  • When is a good time to buy?
  • When to sell? How can I sell?
  • Where can I buy crypto for the best price?
In the search for answers, I had another two questions:
  • Should I sell them after I buy?
  • What can I do with cryptocurrencies today?

Once, in 2010, a guy bought pizza worth $25 and paid in bitcoin, but the price back them for $25 was 10.000 bitcoins! 

The pizza story was perhaps one of the first bitcoin shopping trades. Then, those who adopted bitcoin in their early stages began to sell all sorts of things to each other: cars, TVs, games, phones and all kinds of things.

Then, more and more companies that started accepting bitcoin for payments started to come to light. Those companies understood bitcoin potential since early stages. Now, there are several places in the world where you can buy stuff with bitcoin.

Now, let’s get back to our question – if you have different cryptocurrencies, what are the reasons you would have to sell them? Probably for paying for stuff that can’t be bought with crypto. Or you want to have more stability, cash in hand, after all, crypto markets are volatile.

I think it’s not a good idea for anyone to sell even a bit of crypto, but to keep buying a little of the savings each month. Well, there are cases when we are selling at high prices to buy more at lower prices in the future. But that is a different story, and I’ll write about it at a later time.

So I’ve recommended to buy cryptocurrency using a part of your savings that you can lose, because it can go through long periods of price collapse, even if in the long run I believe it will be a great success.

But you definitely should do it. Buy cryptocurrencies because the risk of losing money is insignificant comparing to high potential of achieving financial independence.

Remember that cryptocurrencies have a lot of advantages over physical money:

1. Small commissions when making transactions
2. They do not have the geographic restraints
3. Protecting identity (transactions are between you and the other entity (no intermediaries)
4. You can secure 100% of your coins and no one can steal them if you play this safe

As people realize all these benefits and many more that exist, when they see how easy is to make payments, the demand for crypto will be HUGE.

So here is my prediction: money will lower their price, and crypto trading will appreciate even more and become more stable. Those who do not have crypto and value their money in physical money will panic and they will rush to get rid of money and buy cryptocurrencies.

This is not a joke or some kind of scenario – things are already happening in some countries. So where’s the higher risk? I see a small risk and a possible enormous reward for those starting today to buy crypto today. The real risk is for those who don’t.

And if you are like me, you will become fascinated by crypto coins. You do not even imagine how powerful cryptocurrencies are, how many practical applications they will have in the future, and how our lives will improve.

And those who will understand them now will have tremendous advantages over other people.

The opportunity offered by crypto trading markets is immense and it’s not too late to get involved. My objective is to help you get involved as a safe crypto investor and to show you how to do it right so you do not risk losing money on the long term.

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