Start investing, buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Introduction – buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin

Now is the time to buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin and start building solid portfolios investing in the strongest cryptocurrencies. My job here is to offer support for going through all the battlefield with cryptocurrencies and to tell you when and what to choose so you can get the most of them, on the long term.  You will also learn to evaluate each coin and each project, based on different types on analysis, and you will learn how to invest in them and when to do it.

It does not help you if I tell you to buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin at X or Y price. It’s not that simple. There are many exchanges and many have only specific cryptocurrencies. Many cryptocurrencies, although showing attractive returns, have little trading volume and you can buy them only from strange exchanges.

Another important thing is security. I’ll teach you what to buy, where to buy and how to secure your cryptocurrencies. If you apply my recommendations, not only will you make big profits, but you will keep them for you.

And the most important thing… You will learn everything about this technology that represents the future, well ahead of the large audience that still doesn’t have any idea about blockchain technologies and the true potential we have today.  And the practical application of this knowledge will help you make a considerable fortune.

Are cryptocurrencies in a bubble?

All cryptocurrencies today are worth less than 300 billion. Compared with the size of the world economy its peanuts, nothing. So, are we in a bubble? Or not? That’s a good question. And there is no clear answer.

There is a bubble in ICOs. It’s a bubble in the pump and dump that swells and blows throwing to the public, which should not exist because it does not solve any problems and they are not useful for anything. But new cryptocurrencies are born and continue to be born that will feed the entire industry and will store enormous value. Those who will survive over time will grow so much that today’s prices will seem very very small.

I will not try to predict bubbles and crashes. Those who say they can do that… well they probably lie. My task is to find the best cryptocurrencies (just like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin), coins that will appreciate significantly in time to buy and keep them. Rebalancing them, when the market gives us good opportunities, and sell them for big profits when we have a personal need.

Bitcoin and altcoins

How significant can they grow? You might want to ask. Here’s my answer: cryptocurrencies and blockchain represent the future of money, finance, capital finance, future of investments, contracts in a wide range of real estate industries, logistics, delivery and so on. How much do you think this is worth? That’s why you will take part in an immense opportunity, the greatest we’ll ever see.

As you well know, the first cryptomonade was Bitcoin. Then others appeared. Because it was the first one, Bitcoin is by far the most known.

Therefore, for many, there are two categories of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and …. other.

And the others are called Altcoins. Some examples of Altcoins are: Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ripple, etc.

Startup Portfolio

We have to be intelligent, to allocate a small part of the investment budget to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. We will follow enough opportunities and we will take full advantage of them. In building a portfolio, it’s important to keep in mind that there is room for more coins to be winning in the long run.

We’ll start with a portfolio of three cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. These will part of our long-term portfolio, although we will add another ones in the future. I’ll follow what’s happening in the market and I’ll recommend taking advantage of the opportunities that will come. We will take profits from the table when appropriate and we will rebalance our portfolio according to future situations.


This coin has started everything. It’s the one most people in mediate. Because it was the first one, it is owned by all the intelligent people who have been involved in this space-bar. Many fortunes are held in this coin. Many consider it digital gold. Bitcoin was created in 2008 as a form of digital payment based on a database, or a “Blockchain” that cannot be changed by an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain, the technology imagined by this mysterious Satoshi is truly revolutionary and will change the face of all industries in the future.

What is the problem solving this technology? For starters, it’s built to solve the problem of double spending. Bitcoin is brilliant because it uses technology to eliminate the need for intermediaries, such as banks. Bitcoin has created a registry that retains the entire history of transactions ever made Bitcoin. Anyone can download the registry and see what happened to each Bitcoin created ever and who owns it at this time (no name exists in the blockchain, just the addresses public by Bitcoin).

Since every interested person can have a copy of this blockchain on his computer, no we do not need any intermediaries. Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin are owned and controlled directly by you. And the recordings are saved by everyone. Since everyone has a copy of the blockchain when someone tries to falsify a transaction, that will be immediately denied and will not reach the blockchain. Bitcoin has an advantage over other cryptomones because it was the first. It can be used to make payments in many places. It has many supporters who adopted him early.

For these reasons, we can consider it the safest and most stable cryptocurrency. Several countries in the world are studying to integrate blockchain technology for streamlining accounting and even collecting taxes. Many investment firms recommend Bitcoin as a safe investment and Bitcoin has been named “Digital gold”.

Demand for Bitcoin is on the rise, but their number will never rise above 21 million. After all have been removed, no more will be created. It’s the first law of the economy. Where the offer is limited and the demand is rising, the price rises. We will allocate 35% of Bitcoin’s initial portfolio.


The most valuable technology businesses are platforms. A platform allows others to build on business, bringing more customers and increasing platform value. YouTube is a platform. A particular type of platforms are the markets. These markets connect sellers with buyers. The market is in the middle and takes a piece of each transaction. Sometimes the business is the only seller, like Google with advertising.

Ethereum took the best of Bitcoin and created a platform. That’s why it’s special. There are other platforms in cryptomonas space, but Ethereum was the first and has the most great adoption.

Most new coins are built over Ethereum. Ethereum is similar to bitcoin in the sense that it can be spent and traded, but it has some interesting features bitcoin does not have. It can run code and create something called smart contracts. While Bitcoin is excellent for storing value and for payments, Ethereum can run applications and contracts – it’s like an operating system (Android, iOS) that makes it possible to have applications on smartphone. The potential is limitless.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum had his challenges and went well over them. But each drop in price was a good opportunity to buy cheap Ethereum. There are several reasons why I recommend allocating some of the portfolio for ethereum:

– The potential of smart contracts

– A future upgrade that will speed up the execution of transactions, you will improve protecting your identity and providing more features to programmers

– The potential of the Ethereum network to turn everything from the chain management procurement, voting, identity management, electronic records, properties real estate, financial transactions and more and more… We will allocate 35% of the initial portfolio for Ethereum


Litecoin’s name says it all. It’s a faster and more “light” version built on the blockchain Bitcoin. It broke out of Bitcoin (through a “fork”) and was created by a former employee of Google and Coinbase in order to improve speed ability to co-operate with Bitcoin. Litecon’s transaction blocks are checked in 2.5 minutes compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin. The block is a collection of transactions made over a certain period of time. Once a block is processed, it adds to the blockchain forever.  Litecoin makes the system run very fast. The Litecoin team is working on new features that will make it even faster in the future.

Because of the speed and small commissions, people use Litecoin as a valid and solid method

to make payments. Many say Litecoin is a kind of silver, and bitcoin is gold. All the functionalities, but also the team behind Litecoin turned it into one of the coins that people have full trust.

We will allocate 30% of our initial portfolio for Litecoin.


You have to read and make sure you understand all the above the instructions. If you get stuck somewhere, you can search for instructions on Google and Youtube. This will help you more than just go straight to my support. If after this step you will not be clear how to solve the problem write me one email and I’ll help you personally.

This it’s just the beginning. This market evolves every day. Massive opportunities are heading for us. Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin are coins that will revolutionize the blockchain industry, and the world. You will learn about many of the following reports and we will invest in them.

Welcome to the future of money. Let’s do great things together.

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