Quality crypto news vs. news that waste your time

There are a lot of quality crypto news sources and a lot of low quality news. Tons of content is written daily, in order for websites to keep publishing new stuff, on a regular basis. But how can you make sure you don’t waste your time reading stuff that doesn’t teach you anything?

It’s important to stay informed, but it’s more important to make sure you are not wasting your time reading random stuff.

It got to the point where I saw companies looking to hire editors who could deliver a minimum of 6 articles per day. Period. That was the only important requirement. And it’s easy to spot these kind of websites. They have many title news starting with:

  • What could happen if…
  • How much would you have made if…
  • The rumors say that…
  • Can bitcoin reach $30.000 by end of the year?

It doesn’t help you much reading anything related to that. Any website who writes only these kind of articles, in my opinion, is questionable. You know those articles that have click bait titles, but when you go and read them, the essence is only the one from the title? Nothing more is said in the article and you read lots of empty sentences. Maybe there is some contextual stuff, introducing you to the story, but nothing valuable.

Ask yourself: what are the key points I am learning from this?

If the news you are reading are speculative, and not bringing anything of value, then you can ditch them. You can do better. As I said before, our time is limited and we shouldn’t waste it on things that are not actually adding value. Make sure you read only quality crypto news.

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