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Panic selling

Posted on: November 28, 2018, by :
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Dan Muresan

Founder of Safe Crypto Trading & helping people to reach financial independence, investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I worked at Fortune 500 international corporations from USA and Europe. Early adopter and investor in cryptocurrencies and stock markets, entrepreneur.

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All the panic selling. The speculations. All the rumors and all the fear. All of them will be gone in a few years. Everything will be history and you will be in one of these positions: happy, neutral or sad.

Remember, that panic and speculations don’t last. Rumors fade away and people forget. But some of them, before any of this, make mistakes: they panic, they fear, they sell and lose. Panic selling is a mistake.

Keeping this in mind, you should make better decisions. Maybe start learning to filter the news from the noise and fear. To separate technology potential from hype and market manipulation. Try to look into the future and live in the present. To stop panic selling.


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