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What is a cryptocurrency wallet

There is a lot of stuff to learn about crypto wallets, and I will tell you all about it. Some of them are safer than others, but first, here are a few things that should get you familiar with what a wallet is. When we talk about crypto coins, we talk about wallets that usually contain a private key and a public key (or addresses for […]

blockchain technology explained

Blockchain technology explained

Let’s take Bitcoin as an example in explaining what the blockchain technology is. The blockchain is a digital file, as a register where recordings are kept (in a special form) of all existing accounts worldwide and the amounts of bitcoins in each account. In fact, in blockchain are recorded only transactions made with bitcoins from its creation to date. Transactions New transactions are put into […]

investing in crypto

Long or short term investing in crypto coins?

Long or short term investing in crypto coins? That is a question I had since I learned the basics of the crypto world. When you start investing, you have to learn to play the market and the risk that comes with trading it. You have to learn how to balance according to you personal strategy. You must have clear objectives and you have to learn to […]


Introduction to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have had an impressive ascension lately. And this ascension will continue in the long run because they have many advantages over regular money. Everyone in the world can create a wallet and receive and send cryptocurrencies in seconds. You do not have to go to any bank, you don’t need identity papers and can do it quickly and extremely cheaply compared to the current […]

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