Long or short term investing in crypto coins?

Long or short term investing in crypto coins? That is a question I had since I learned the basics of the crypto world.

When you start investing, you have to learn to play the market and the risk that comes with trading it. You have to learn how to balance according to you personal strategy. You must have clear objectives and you have to learn to stick to them. This is harder than it seems and you will lose money more than once if you get carried away. The financial freedom might seem very close, and it really is, we can smell it, but it can go away in a second.

Long term investing

Let’s see, long term investing means that you but the coins and you don’t touch them for a few months or even years. Long-term investments are the ones that are made with more diligence and are expected to return higher rewards (according to my opinion). Here the comfort level is set according to your level of risk that you want to assume so you will have to find investments that match your comfort level.

Short term investing

Short term investing is just a process, where you can try to play the market or you can guess next price actions, and if you do that on a daily basis it can all turn into a very risky business or it can lead you to a “no business” in a very short time. You have to know what you are doing if you want try short-term investments, and you will want to try it, because you will feel a need to buy or sell something, and it will get harder and harder to stay objective and wait patiently. Short term investing is buying and selling on a daily basis or once in a few days.

These are two strategies that are going to come and get you and if you won’t play things right, you might get caught between them, and lose money (crypto).

The opportunity offered by crypto-currencies is unique and we are lucky to be the generation that has created it. But it is also risky for those who invest without a good trading strategy.  What I want is that you and all my readers to take advantage of this historical moment in the evolution of human civilization and to trade safe so you won’t lose money.

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