Investment decisions

An investment decision can lead to an unwanted result. There are more reasons why it’s important to remember this.

Any investment decision you make, there is a possibility of losing from that investment. But if you are investing all the time with a chance of 51% to win, you will eventually win more often than you lose.

Why is it important to remember this?

Many people are always stressed because of at least one investment decision they made.

All comes from the instability regarding their investment, panicking and losing because of fear, market sentiment, which is making them to take more bad investment decisions. A bad investment decision can be made both in buying and selling.

We often regret an investment decision we have made at a certain point. And regret is stress. Stress makes your life unpleasant. When you are stressed you can not see good investment opportunities around you. You just see the darkness. And it’s scary. You start worrying about making decisions. You doubt all your abilities. Or you say that fate is against you.

And you make bad decisions. You start losing money.

Any investment decision we make will eventually determine our future. If you learn to make good investments, that you do not regret regardless of the result, it’s like putting a noble graft on the quality of your life. Instead of causing stress, the results you do not like will be a fuel that will fuel the growth of your wealth.


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