Introduction to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have had an impressive ascension lately. And this ascension will continue in the long run because they have many advantages over regular money. Everyone in the world can create a wallet and receive and send cryptocurrencies in seconds. You do not have to go to any bank, you don’t need identity papers and can do it quickly and extremely cheaply compared to the current banking system. You can do it at any hour and day. There are no hours or days of work.

I expect that in the next few years we will see many important businesses announcing that they accept payment cryptocurrencies, or we will see how some countries will give up their national currencies and will go over completely to cryptocurrencies.

Many businesses have already done so. In Japan and other countries you can pay with Bitcoin in physical stores.

You may wonder if it’s too late to buy cryptocurrencies because their price has already grown quite a lot and that a lot of business already accepts it as a payment option. The answer is “No. It’s not too late. ”

Today is the ideal time to start.

I know you want to make money fast and you think you cand do that trading cryptocurrencies. Rule number one: that is not possible, not even in crypto world. It’s true, trading crypto-currencies, long or short term, might be the one of fastest ways to make some money our days, but it’s also a fast way of losing your savings if you don’t play it safe.

Of course, it is our dream to make the journey to financial freedom. Everyone joining the crypto space has at different level of experience with finance, trading, etc. Rule number two: it is your sole ambition to become better at trading crypto-currencies, to grow each day, to become an experienced finance professional, to become very successful and achieve long term wealth, and it’s mainly your job to aspire to that.

The focus is trading crypto-currencies, but your long term goal should be to achieve long term wealth, to find out if this crypto space is for you and I am here to help you do that. We are the people that live some historical moments and financial opportunities.

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