How to become good at investing

To become good at investing, you have to be honest. Honest with you, and with others. To buy or sell crypto, you may find yourself in a situation where it seems that it’s hard to be honest with yourself or others.

To be good at investing – what does it mean? Well, a lot of things: you need to understand the market, the technology, to connect with others, to share ideas, to learn new ideas.

To become good at investing, you really need to understand the market, the trends, market sentiment etc. When buying or selling, you need a way to measure your progress and results. To make sure you stay on track and follow your strategy. To stay focused and be transparent with yourself, not making quick decisions. You will have to aim to get the maximum according to your potential. When you don’t focus on your goal, it’s very easy to get yourself far from it, going left or right, based on miscalculated decisions that are not aligned with your initial strategy.

I know, problem is that some of investors, don’t have an initial strategy, and act on a daily feeling but that does more bad than good.

Lots of articles can help you to learn, but no one will build the strategy for you.

To be good at investing, you will have make long-term decisions. When buying or selling you could get yourself saying: “I just want reach this target now and next month I will see how I will get it done.”

To be good at investing, you have to become a calculated person, with precise thinking, you must have inner peace and calm, and also to enjoy your growth process. Do not have fear, stress, or anxiety. When you start to invest, you could have a permanent fear of failure. Probably most of those who start investing have a high level of stress.

And, in case you are asking the question…

No! This kind of stress can not be good for you. Because it shows that you are not in control, and you don’t have a strategy.

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