FunFair – game changing blockchain casino technology

On January first 2017, one Ethereum was sold at $7.98. At the end of the year, in december, same coin was sold at $877. If you invested $10.000 in January, you could have been retired at the end of the year. An investment in Ethereum could have solved your financial situation, getting you profits of 100x.

This is the potential of the crypto market and it’s only the beginning. The market is not mature yet, and there are still lots of reglementations to be made.

We haven’t seen anything yet.

We can definitely be sure that new cryptocurrencies will bring similar gains, we just have to find the ones that bring real value. Ethereum is heavily used for creating smart contracts and issuing tokens for different ICOs. The more a token is used, the more value it has. And even though it’s an obvious and a simple thing to watch for, it’s very easy to lose the sight of it by focusing on less important details.

There is another cryptocurrency that I found and I think it might grow exponentially in the next few months. I am talking about the casino industry, where consumers spend over $600 billion a year.

The casino industry is growing at fast speed.

Gambling has always been a controversial topic. But we can not deny that it’s a growing business and more and more people are giving it a try. Online gambling has grown in just 25 years, from zero to nearly $600 billion in bets.

Worldwide, costs are high for creating casinos, so the digital space is the ideal place to start such a business, since you can play from your laptop, tablet or mobile, anytime and anywhere. Blockchain might be a great opportunity to address the problem of costs, regulations, availability, scalability.

If all the action happens on the blockchain, being stored on miners’ computers all over the world, the blockchain then solves the problem of confidence in the industry. It happens because of the fact that both the blockchain and the code that get the games and the bets to work, are public. Also, people will stop worrying about their funds.

I think we are about to enter a golden age of online gaming and betting. But how can we take advantage of this trend?

There is a platform that will allow the entire industry to move into the blockchain. This move will eliminate server costs, software licensing, fraud, and payment processing costs. Today, we can invest at less than 3 cents, but by the beginning of next year, the price could easily rise to at least $3. That would mean a 1000% gain.

The FUN way to bet online

FunFair is a software development company. It produces software to launch, manage and run an entire online casino on the blockchain. And that includes everything from game design, player interface design, smart contracts, even setting the betting odds and offering payment solutions that manage the players’ funds without giving up control of their money.

Unlike other software companies, FunFair does not charge for the use or maintenance of the software. Its purpose is to create an ecosystem that adopts FUN as the main currency.

Operators and players will run all of their work in FUN. It’s not easy to convince a company to go to a new platform. The cost savings must be high and the change must be easy.

FunFair meets both conditions. With just two mouse clicks, online casinos can migrate to their platform and get rid of a lot of problems and costs. FunFair answers some important questions that a company might ask before moving on to a new technology platform:

Does it bring more security, ease and better cost to customers?

Reduces costs for the company without degrading the quality of the service?

The answer to these questions is yes.

FunFair developers are currently testing the platform. Over the next few months, we’ll see ads about existing casino operators who will switch to FunFair. As this happens, the FUN token will have a growing demand, which could lead to higher prices.

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