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Altcoins are alternative coins to bitcoin. Any cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin, is basically an altcoin. Research all alts to find the good ones.

Altcoins¬†are a given name to all crypto coins that are built on blockchain, except Bitcoin. The ‚Äúaltcoins‚ÄĚ term comes from combining the words alt, short from “alternative”, and “coin”, meaning a cryptocurrency.


cryptocurrency lessons

Six cryptocurrency lessons for new investors and traders

It‚Äôs easy to stay focused in this dynamic market, but for that you need to keep a good self-awareness and respect predefined principles. I have some¬†cryptocurrency lessons that are very useful for everyone. More principles should be made only by you, since everyone has its own trading strategy. You can try different approaches and see what better works for you. I have six cryptocurrency lessons […]

build a crypto portfolio

How to build a crypto portfolio with only $1000

A lot of people were asking me about starting investing in crypto so I decided to show you how to build a crypto portfolio and see how it goes from there. Investment The $1000 is the minimum amount of investment that I recommend, because there are a lot of good trading options out there. There are also a lot of fees, so using anything smaller […]

Cryptocurrency trading tips

Nine tips on trading cryptocurrency

Here are nine tips useful for everyone who starts trading cryptocurrency. It’s interesting to see, even traders with years of experience, forget sometimes about the basic rules you have to follow so you don’t get burned. Of course, since no one can really predict the market, we all make mistakes and, hopefully, we get to learn from them. Volatility Cryptocurrencies are known for having increased […]

ico initial coin offering

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) might be the future of investing

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) You may have heard about the term ICO in the media. From a technical point of view, it’s a way for cryptocurrencies creators to sell them investors. In fact, 95% of the ICOs offered at this time are dubious, or even fraudulent. But that will change as the market matures, investors learn from mistakes and space is regulated by the authorities.¬†This […]

bitcoin ethereum and litecoin

Start investing, buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

Introduction –¬†buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin Now is the time to¬†buy bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin and start building solid portfolios investing in the strongest cryptocurrencies. My job here is to offer support for going through all the battlefield with cryptocurrencies and to tell you when and what to choose so you can get the most of them, on the long term. ¬†You will also learn […]

trade or invest in bitcoin

Should you trade or invest in cryptocurrencies?

Let‚Äôs see‚Ķ Should I trade or invest in cryptocurrencies? It’s a topic many people talk about and they can‚Äôt decide which one is right for them. What is the best way to win on the long term? How can you make sure that you win on the short term, but also on the long term? There are several differences between these two strategies that you […]

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