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Bitcoin profits compared to stock markets since 2009

Posted on: November 5, 2017, by :
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Dan Muresan

Founder of Safe Crypto Trading & helping people to reach financial independence, investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I worked at Fortune 500 international corporations from USA and Europe. Early adopter and investor in cryptocurrencies and stock markets, entrepreneur.

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There have been a lot of action in last couple of months in the crypto markets. The total market cap of cryptocurrencies is at an all time high price of $250 billions, and more than 53% of that worth is only of Bitcoin. People started to become more an more interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, for a large number of reasons. Some of them are: quick profits, long term investments, quick transactions, safe wallets for storing wealth, etc.

But did you know that the bitcoin network was created back in 2009? So we have almost a decade since this technology was born. And it is changing the world as we know it since them. A single Bitcoin in 2010 cost less than one cent. Now, at the time of writing, one Bitcoin is valued at about $8.200.

Here is how $1000 invested in BTC in 2009 would be worth today vs. $1000 of stock bought at the following companies:

Netflix: $1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $52.036

Apple: $1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $6.223

Nike: $1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $3,298

Coca-Cola: $1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $1.479

McDonald’s:¬†$1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $2.821

Microsoft: $1000 shares bought in 2009 are now $2.259

$1000 invested in BTC in 2009 today is more than $840.000.000.

You read that right. I don’t think there is anything else to say here, except one thing: it took ten years for Bitcoin to get here, but during this time, other cryptocurrencies came to light and some say that those are even stronger and faster than Bitcoin.¬†Cryptocurrencies have been establishing themselves as the real deal and nothing can stop them now.¬†We have to start taking profits.

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