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I knew we were poor when I was 10 and my mom told me to use salt to wash my teeth because we didn’t had any toothpaste. We were laughing about it and it wasn’t a big deal but that day I made a pact with myself: this will never happen again. At 16 I was already working and putting money on the table. At 17 I bought my first mobile phone with money raised from selling tomatoes at the market. Now, at 32, I turn on the lights at home with voice commands speaking to Siri and I’m visiting at least two continents a year.

You will never find tricks or short ways to get rich on this website, because there aren’t any. I appreciate that you got here and I invite you to read my blog, with the promise that I will do my best to provide you with real, valuable information that you can use actually use. Our time is limited and I don’t want to waste your time on things that won’t help you directly.

Here are some quick tips that helped me at the beginning, tips that I am continuously using:

  • get out of debt (if you have any)
  • save at least 50% of your net income
  • write down a monthly list of anything you spend (food, transport, bills, etc)
  • get more sources of income (takes a lot of work)
  • invest in crypto (research first good projects)
  • read my blog (stay up to date and follow my method)

Now I’ll tell you some stuff about myself, because you probably won’t accept the above advice from a stranger. My name is Dan Muresan and I am the founder and author of safecryptotrading.com. I was born in 1985 in Bistrita, Romania. I am married, I have a beautiful family and a happy marriage. Now the boring part. 🙂 I graduated from the political science faculty. I worked at some Fortune 500 large international corporations from USA and Europe. Now I work as a project manager and I am activating in the banking industry. I am an early adopter and enthusiastic investor in cryptocurrencies and in stock markets, also an entrepreneur. At this time I’m dealing exclusively with trading, banking industry and crypto investments.

Why? Because blockchain technology is the greatest tool we have available now; crypto improved my life, the life of a country boy wanting to do better in life, and it can also help you.

My goal is to provide education in entrepreneurship, but especially in investments (cryptocurrency) through free materials or different products and services. Learning to keep your funds safe is the most important thing you can do and it’s harder than you would think.

PS: Try and use the list above and let me know in a couple of months if your life changed to a better one, if your mind thinks different. And write me an email some day and we’ll talk about your journey and how you can overcome future obstacles.



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